Creative Commons

The texts published on the website (from issue no. 71 of the journal) are governed by the “Creative Commons” license of the type: authorship, non-commercial, non-editable.…..

This license implies the right to reproduce the texts posted online while respecting the property and protection regime defined by the license.

This means that the downloading, reproduction and distribution of protected works is possible under the following conditions:

1) The author’s name, the first reference of the publication in Rue Descartes must appear.

2) The text cannot be modified and must therefore be reproduced correctly.

(3) Any commercial use of the text or work is prohibited.

(4) These clauses shall be reproduced whenever the text or work is reproduced or disseminated.

5) All exceptions to copyright (right of quotation, private copy right, right of reproduction for research and teaching purposes, right of parody or caricature) are guaranteed.

Each of the first three restrictions may be lifted with the written consent of the requested author directly or through the journal that will forward the request.

Contributors to the journal also undertake to refrain, for one year following the publication of their text or work in Rue Descartes, from taking it up again as part of a “paper” publication (book, collection, journal).